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Dear Student,

In recording studios across the nation an world, musicians and singers use a method called the NASHVILLE NUMBER METHOD. This is a system of BASIC MUSIC THEORY which teaches that each key signature has SEVEN BASIC CHORDS. If you learn those seven chords in a given key you are able to play the ACCOMPANIMENT part on a piano or keyboard to any song on the radio. In this way you also train your ear to hear the unique sound of each chord called the CHORD QUALITY. 

A chord chart for Amazing Grace would look like this:

1 1 4 1

6- 6- 5 5

1 1 4 1

6- 5 1 1

(Alignment would be better on paper.)

Each chord above represents one MEASURE of music which is the basic building blocks of time in music composition. In this case each MEASURE gets 3 BEATS or pulses. The chord is indicated by a number. The advantage of numbers, as opposed to only letters, is that they show INSTANT RELATIONSHIPS between notes and chords and reveal to your ear and sight the DISTANCES between note and chord INTERVALS.

If you are 12 years or older and hope to play music in a short period of time, this is the easiest way to understand how music works without learning to read notes. Learning to read notes is vitally important to the student who wishes to make music his vocation, but if you are choosing to play music as a hobby, this is the most straightforward way to learn CHORDS and PATTERNS which will lead you to understand written music better should you choose to pursue reading and writing notations skills a at a later time.

I am a church, studio and live musician living in Baton Rouge, LA. I have directed music programs in Illinois, Washington, and Louisiana. I have also played at professional, highly demanding levels of performance on television and radio for the biggest names in Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music including Perry Stone, Jimmy Swaggart, Larnelle Harris, Nikki Leonti and Lincoln Brewster. I believe in making music as simple as is possible to understand and concentrating on the basics of technic and theory which leads to practical application.

Call me if you would like to schedule an appointment in the Baton Rouge Area. I have a studio in the 70810 area and I also teach out of Christian Life Academy by the Pennington Biomedical Center in 70808. Anything I have learned in the music industry in recording, composition and performance is yours to have if you are willing to put forth effort in your pursuit of what God has for you.

Kevin A. Woolsey
(225) 773-3350

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